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Doctors Health Services Pty Ltd (Drs4Drs) is a national not for profit organisation dedicated to the well-being of doctors and medical students.


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Doctors Health Services Pty Ltd (Drs4Drs)

Drs4Drs is a national not for profit organisation dedicated to the well-being of doctors and medical students, established in 2015 as an independent subsidiary company of AMA Ltd.

Governed by an independent Board of Directors our mission is to support doctors and medical students in caring for themselves, their peers, and their patients. By offering resources and support, Drs4Drs strives to facilitate timely access to medical assistance and encourage proactive health and wellness practices. We are committed to advocating for a healthier medical workforce and fostering a culture that prioritises the health and well-being of doctors and students.

Board of Directors

Dr Iain Dunlop AM, ChairA/Prof Antonio Di Dio, Deputy Chair
Dr Helen McArdle, DirectorDr Danielle McMullen, Director
Dr Annette Barratt, DirectorDr Bhavi Ravindran, Director


Ms Natalia Centellas, Secretary General and Group CEO
Ms Pamela Spoors, Executive Director

Members of our Expert Advisory Committee

The Board is advised and supported by its Expert Advisory Committee (EAC). The members of the EAC are a dedicated group of doctors who are experienced in practitioner health:

Dr Annette Barratt, Chair 

Drs4Drs Tasmania

Dr Patrick Johnson, Member 

Victorian Doctors’ Health Program

Dr Helen Wilcox, Member 

Doctors’ Health Advisory Service Western Australia

Dr Jennifer Schafer, Member 

Queensland Doctors’ Health Programme

Dr Kerrie Aust, Member 

Drs4Drs ACT

Dr Choong-Siew Yong, Member

Doctors’ Health Advisory Service New South Wales

Dr Natasha Bullock, Member 

Doctors' Health South Australia and Northern Territory

Dr Rob Thomas, Member 

Australian Medical Association Council of Doctors in Training

Dr Dana Phang, Member

Australian Medical Association

Mr Allen Xiao, Member 

Australian Medical Students’ Association

Dr Alexandra Muthu, Member 

Doctors’ Health Advisory Service, New Zealand


National Standards for Doctors' Health Services

In 2021 and 2022, Drs4Drs, in collaboration with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), developed the National Standards for Doctors’ Health Services. The National Standards for Doctors' Health Services (the National Standards) aim to assess the services delivered to Medical Practitioners and Medical Students in Australian States and Territories to ensure quality and safe service delivery.

Doctors’ health explained

An introduction to the support and services available to doctors across Australia.

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